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1. What is an MRO?
An MRO is a licensed physician (M.D. or D.O.) who is an expert in drug and alcohol testing and the application of federal regulations to the process.

2. Can anyone else (Nurse, Medical Assistant, Chiropractor...) perform as an MRO?

3. Must the MRO be certified?
Yes, as the responsibility of the MRO is to provide a legally defensible and valid drug test result to the employer, the MRO should be certified.

4. What is the advantage of using IMT?
There are numerous reasons, but to list a few: IMT has been reviewing drug test results for many years and has the experience and expertise required to insure a legally defensible and valid drug test result upon its final release. Timeliness of results is a critical requirement for the success of many companies that require drug testing. Sensitive to the employer needs, we now report results 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We invested in our proprietary software program MROLink™. This program permits clients to access their data for review, download new or past reports or check on the status of a report that has been received from the lab but has not been released.

5. What information is available for monitoring unreleased reports?
All the following is now available for viewing in real time - as we modify our data, the changes will be immediately noted on our secure web site.

• If the status is pending documentation (P. Doc.), this means the donor was contacted by the MRO and a plausible medical explanation exists. IMT is waiting to receive medical documentation. Note: The date to which the medical documentation needs to be received in IMT's office follows the P. Doc.

• If the status is pending interview (P. Interview), this means we are attempting to contact the donor and the number of calls made to the donor as well as the phone number(s) is available for viewing.

• If the status is "missing chain of custody" (Missing CCF), this means we are ready to release the report but by federal or state rules, we must be in possession of the CCF prior to releasing it. This is very helpful to the employer - if the employer has a copy of the CCF, by faxing it to us, the result can be promptly released.